Star Wars - JEDI: Fallen Order | Zeffo Weathered Statue Level Shots

On Zeffo's Weathered Statue area, I was responsible for creating the giant statue and its interior. I started with an initial art blockout from my Art Director, Chris Sutton, then went on to do all modeling, texturing and lighting in the included shots. Had some super solid 3D concepts from Jean-Francois Rey for lots of pieces here that I was able to polish up and texture as well (statue, imperial clamp structure, etc.).

Jobye Karmaker (Modeling/Texturing/Lighting)
Robert Wilinski (Base Materials)
Chris Sutton (Initial Art Blockout)
Jeff Magers (Level Design)
Jean-François Rey (Concept art/concept modeling)
Bruno Werneck (Concept support)
Greg Prior (Central Imperial Crusher)