Star Wars - JEDI: Fallen Order | Zeffo Crashed Venator Level Shots

On Zeffo's Venator Crash site area, I owned the exterior portion of the crash site as well as the final puzzle room and its exit to the exterior. This included terrain work, modeling, material work, re-using/kit-bashing existing assets & world building. Kahlil Reedy owned the side wing and the main interior of the ship. We both brought our respective areas to Alpha quality a year ahead of release before Alberto Rodriguez and Joseph Bieschke came in to do final polish and handle any new design changes as we had moved to new maps. These are shots from the Alpha-quality pass.

Jobye Karmaker (Alpha Quality Terrain, Crashed Venator, Final puzzle area)
Kahlil Reedy (Alpha Quality Side Wing & Main Interior)
Ken Feldman (Terrain help & Art Direction)
William Schilthuis (Lighting)
Alberto Rodriguez (Final polish)
Joseph Bieschke (Final Polish & Design Changes)
Robert Wilinski (Base materials & Terrain materials)
Jean-François Rey (Concept Art)
Martin Badowsky (Level Design)