Star Wars - JEDI: Fallen Order Artbook_Bracca

Jobye kyle karmaker jfo artbookpagebracca

Page 70 & 71 of the Artbook featuring in-game screenshots of Bracca.

Jobye kyle karmaker img 0770
Jobye kyle karmaker img 0767

Had the chance to have a 2 page spread in the 'Art of Star Wars - JEDI: Fallen Order' artbook coming out after the game’s November 15th release! It features Work-In-Progress in-game renders of the portion of Bracca that I got to own during the game's development, along with my right-hand man, Evan Cwiertny. Gizmodo shared exclusive images of it here: 
It was a big team effort to get this done: 
Environment Art (Level Owner): Jobye Karmaker 
Level Design (Level Owner): Jamie Uhrmacher 
Environment Art (Venator Engines/Props/World Building): Evan Cwiertny 
Environment Art (Venator Tail & Tower/Master Material): Alberto Rodriguez 
Environment Art (Base & Terrain Mats/Props): Robert Wilinski 
Hard-Surface (Ship Cutter): Tim Wallace
Lighting: William Schilthuis 
VFX: Jason Burton & Kevin Milmoe 
Concept support: Bruno Werneck 
Skybox/Far Vista: Hanhee Lee

October 19, 2019