You, Me and the Industry Podcast Interview!

News / 18 April 2021

Hey all!

Had the fun opportunity to be interviewed by Dorian Chou for his podcast You, Me and The Industry!

We talked through a range of topics, from talking environment art for Apex Legends and Star Wars - JEDI: Fallen Order, to talking about the importance of Mental Health, to talking about how we've adapted to the new WFH world in game dev, among many other topics!

Hope you all get a little something out of it :).

You can listen to the podcast on the go here:

Or watch it on YouTube as well:




Spain (Barcelona/Valencia/Utiel) Ref Pack up for sale!

News / 12 April 2021

Hey all!

Just put up for sale another ref pack, this time of Spain! Find it here:

You'll find a variety of my personal ref here that covers various locations in Barcelona, Valencia and Utiel, within Spain. Arc de Triomf, Basilica Sagrada Familia, Ciudad de la Artes y Las Ciencias, you name it! When I took this trip in 2019, it was super inspiring and I think about it and look back on these refs a lot. I hope these can be the same for you!

Any questions, just holler :).




California Ref Pack up for sale!

News / 14 March 2021

Hey all!

Just put up for sale another ref pack, this time of California! Find it here:

You'll find a variety of my personal ref here that covers a large swat of California, from Los Angeles to San Francisco and its surrounding areas. Yosemite National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Malibu Canyons, you name it! Although not as nature-dense as the Pacific Northwest, California is just a beautiful in its own right and certainly more diverse!

Any questions, just holler :).


Seattle/Pacific Northwest Ref Pack up for sale!

News / 07 March 2021

Hey all!

Just put up for sale my very first ref pack of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Find it here:

When I lived there back in 2016-2017, it was a super inspiring place to be in with some beautiful PNW nature nearby (especially when you were working on foliage at the time heh!). Thought I'd share some of my personal ref photos from that time with the hopes to creating the same inspiration if you're tackling a PNW-inspired project!

Any questions, just holler :).


Digital Dragons 2019 Talk on May 28th @ 12pm!

News / 22 May 2019

Time's a ticking! Slides are mostly ready, just need to pack and I'll be flying off to Krakow, Poland this coming Friday! Very excited (and slightly nervous) to be giving my first game dev-related talk! They announced the time a few weeks ago -- I'll be giving my talk on the 2nd day of the conference on Tuesday, May 28th @ 12pm! 

Hope I'll be able to see some of you there! Anyone else going to the conference?


Star Wars JEDI: Fallen Order Reveal + Live Podcast Interview w/Ryan Kingslien later today

News / 11 April 2019

As if this week culminating in pulling back the curtain on the game I've been working on for the last two years wasn't enough (stay tuned for the livestream from Star Wars Celebration on Saturday, April 13th @ 1:30pm CST!)...

"Don't Stand Out..."

I'm also excited to be doing a live interview with Ryan Kingslien and his Game Art Institute class later today, Thursday at 1pm PST! It'll be an interview talking about my career, career advice and all that -- mostly geared towards students or people looking to break into the industry. You'll be able to watch live at this link: 

It should be a fun and casual conversation, looking forward to it! It's nice to be able to give back to the next generation of game artists. It's something I wish I had when I was back in 3D School back in 2007-2011!



Upcoming Digital Dragons 2019 Talk - Approaching Modular Vegetation in Games

News / 08 April 2019

I've shared the news on every other social platform, but figure I'd do it here as well! 

I'm Incredibly excited to announce that I'll be doing my first game dev-related talk at the end of May...all the way in Poland -- for the Digital Dragons game conference! I'll be talking about the modular approach I took to creating the vegetation in ME: Shadow of War. Big thanks for Kacper Niepokólczycki who thought of approaching me for this :).

This explains the big push to get my portfolio updated on here ahead of this (minus the fact that it's been long overdue!), as a lot of the media will feed into the talk naturally. I'll, of course, make sure to post up the slides and eventual video of the talk on here, once they're available!

Between preparing for this and big milestones at work with JEDI: Fallen Order, it's going to be a *buuuuusy* next few months!

More info here: