Middle-Earth: Shadow of War - Vegetation | Material Shots

Jobye kyle karmaker sow liveoakbark

Live Oak Bark

Jobye kyle karmaker sow liveoakbarkburnt

Live Oak Bark Burnt (to blend to Live Oak)

Jobye kyle karmaker sow beechbark

Diseased Beech Bark

Jobye kyle karmaker sow snowypinebark

Pine Bark (initial pass by Matt Rapelje, I finalized it)

Jobye kyle karmaker sow sprucebark

Spruce Bark (based on calibrated photo ref Eric Holman took)

Jobye kyle karmaker sow quercusbarkbald

Bald Quercus Bark (to blend to Quercus Bark)

Jobye kyle karmaker sow quercusbark

Quercus Bark

Here are all the barks I ended up creating for all the tree variants across all 5 Open World levels of Shadow of War. There was lots of re-use of these between levels and even eventually to create the canopy textures, bush branches, etc. The bark was always the starting point for me when I started on a new tree as lots stems from it.

I used photosourcing techniques on this with heavy cleanup for PBR. I also used Zbrush to generate a clean heightmap and a clean-reading normal map, focusing on large shapes (baked in Substance Painter). Any finer detail was generated with nDo/Photoshop at the end. With this workflow, turnaround time for final-ish bark could be 0.5d-1d, depending on complexity. Was even able to use tessellation/displacement on the trunk for the PC version of the game!

April 3, 2019