FAR CRY PRIMAL - Vegetation | Assets Shots
FAR CRY PRIMAL - Vegetation | Assets Shots

Renders of specific assets I owned throughout Far Cry Primal's production at Ubisoft Toronto. I did all the modeling between SpeedTree & 3DSMax with texturing done by Yukiko Otsu (Texture Artist) in Photoshop. Some models/texture were initially started by Pascal De Sampaio (Texture Artist) & Adam Lacharité (Modeler) before they were handed to us at Pre-Alpha to finalize.

Creating the biomes on Far Cry Primal was a big team effort between Ubisoft Toronto and Montreal, with the Montreal team providing us with lots of guidance.

Toronto Biomes team:
Yukiko Otsu (Texture Artist)
Darren Horrocks (Modeler)

Montreal Biomes team:
Agustin Trechi (Technical Artist)
Adam Lacharité (Modeler)
Pascal de Sampaio (Texture Artist)
Philippe Pelletier (Modeler)
Valérie Bernier-Jean (Technical Art Director)

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