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Splinter Cell: Blacklist

During the production of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, I had the opportunity to work on the nearly all the vegetation across all 5 open world levels of the game. I owned everything from the modeling, sculpting, texturing, spawning, manual placement and maintaining perf. I also sculpted and painted the terrain to better support vegetation spawning through masks, which were tuned through Substance Designer.

Any production is a huge team effort - shoutouts to various people who helped out one way or another with the vegetation:

Terrain Materials: Josh Lynch (Seregost/Gorgoroth) & Albert Soto (Nurnen, Cirith Ungol, Minas Ithil)
Tech Art Support: Wes Saulsberry, Dan Thibadeau & Matt Rapelje
Graphics & Tools Support: Jared Harp, Sam Watson & Loren Tapia
Ivy Propagation: Everett Gunther
Carnan Hero Tree Final Pass: Kahlil Reedy
Initial placement (trees/gameplay bushes): Sofie Widyanto & Marshall Parsons
Initial veg pass on Seregost: Sky Kensok & Matt Rapelje
Concept Art: George Rushing & Steve Firchow